Daisy Quotes

Daisy Quotes

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Daisies are the loveliest way to express the feelings of an uncertain nature of a lover who cannot take himself from playing “loves me loves me not” all day long to believe that his love is not one sided even before his love is tested by the loved one. So , here we share some beautiful words about this flower which is the symbol of the pure love that you can even share them with your loved ones and post them on your social media accounts freely. Here you go, loveliest daisy quotes ..


Fit your dreams into the scent of a the daisies.


One cannot reach his dreams with the ways of full of daisies.

(La Fontaine)


There’re still daisies out there in your smile to be picked.


Let the daisies bloom , or else there won’t be any spring into my heart.



I loved you as pure as a daisy though.


Only The unique plants will bloom into beautiful daisies .

(Andre Gide)


Never mind those birds my dear, let them put some beautiful daisies on your way.


Where there’s no daisies there cannot live no one.

(Napolyon Bonapart)


No daisies told me that you loved me though.


Do you know what I needed only? One more petal of a daisy.

(Edip Cansever)


The moment comes there all the hell break loose ; loves me not.

(Diego Espinoza)


How am I gonna be happy without you though? How could be it be the spring without daisies ?


Happiness is the art of making a bunch of flowers from the hand reaching daisies .

(B. Goddar)


Let alone the petals of the daisies, just notice me in the crowds, that’s enough.


Helping someone is like an innocent daisy that’s The fresher, the more pleasant.



You know when you water daisies too much they die, it’s same with people, when you love someone too much she leaves you.

(Cemal Süreya)


Daisy has never been angry with those who played ‘loves me loves me not’ with its petals hoping to teach them how to love truly one day.


I apologized to the daisies for I pulled their petals for the sake of you last night. They are right because it’s not even certain if she loves me or not.

(Pablo Neruda)


We pull the petals of the daisies while playing loves me loves me not, as a matter of fact , life does the same to us , it tests us whether we stand or not .

(Paul Aster)


People barely cherish the things they have in life. When they’re trying to reach the roses, they don’t notice the daisies under their feet.

(Chuck Palahniuk)


You’re just a vulnerable daisy which stands to the furious winds on a steep hill, but I’m the soil which is holding your roots to not to loose you .


Futile words are like burning flames ; your shouldn’t let it be out of your mouth or else you’ll burn yourself down with them. However nice words are like rivers , to wherever they’re flowing, they make it a daisy bed.

(Yusuf Has Hacip)


O heart, be a good friend with daisies don’t hurt any branch of a tree. For only the fruit of it, don’t hurt the whole branch. When your head is up to the sky , let your eyes be on the skies. Walking with an arrogant heart, don’t you ever hurt the road.

(Yunus Emre)


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