Rose Quotes

Rose Quotes


Roses are special flowers with which people are enchanted by both their scent and their look throughout the ages. Moreover they’re among the most meaningful flowers which we give them to our most beloved ones on special occasions and days. This time, we tried to arrange the beautiful quotes about roses on our page for you to share them with your loved ones, either on your social media accounts or as a text message. Here your are , you can have this beautiful bouquet of roses from us!


The friend of the rose is its thorn.



The best roses are the ones fade away the quickest.


The soil beneath the rose smells like the rose as well.



If there weren’t the lover and the loved one , nobody would appreciate the value of the roses.


Time has its own place like a beautiful scented red rose inside of me.

(Nazım Hikmet Ran)


The scent of the rose stays in the hands of those who pick and give them to the people.

(Çin Özdeyişi)


The world is like a rose , smell it and give it to your friends.


You should love the rose so much that you should say it has no thorns at all if they ask you.

(Barış Manço)


The stones of the strangers don’t hurt me as much as the roses of the loved ones.


Whether one should leave alone the roses or be friend with their thorns.


If you should land on somewhere, land on a rose not on a thorn . Don’t ever think that your foes will become friends.


Not everyone likes the same things… some likes the roses while others like the thorns.


The real friendship is like a rose : we don’t notice it until it fades.

(Evelyn Loeb)


Everyone has roses and thorns inside of them, but you should see the roses and love them for the sake of these roses.


Everyone is like a rain drop. While some drops on a mud and others on the petals of the roses.



Man should beware of hurting his woman. Roses aren’t made to be hurt but to be smelled.



Roses , tulips,cloves and all the other flowers fade one day. Steel and iron is bend somehow anyway, but true friendship will neither fades nor could be bended.


Loving is like holding a rose together with all its thorns in two hands. Even while your hands are bleeding, you cannot put the blame of the thorns on the roses.


Love is just like a rose. If you hold it clumsily it hurts you with its thorns , if you open its petals, it opens up its feeling to you, and if you know how to hold it, it loves you eternally.


The patience of the moon against the darkness of the nights makes it brighter. The patience of the rose against its thorns gives it a beautiful scent. The patience of a lion waiting in a mud for his prey feeds him with a lamb.


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