Sky Quotes

Sky Quotes

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In this article we arranged some of the best sky quotes for you. You can share these beautiful quotes on your social media accounts or share them with your loved ones as a text message. Here some of the meaningful quotes about the sky …


When the sky doesn’t cry, the earth won’t smile .


The brain is wider than the sky.

(Emly Dickinson)


The one who looks for the water in the sky , he’ll find the fish on the tree.


All the lands are away from the sky with the same distance.

(Robert Burton)


There should be his own sky in everyone’s mind.


Oh God, there was such a blue sky that day !

(Amin Maalouf)


Clouds move, be the sky and never leave me.


You’re the most beautiful star of my sky.


There might even be birds believing that your voice is the only sky , who knows..

(Sait Faik Abasıyanık)


Hopefully, the sky is still too precious to be in anyone’s pockets.

(Farid Farjad)


O sky, O earth, thank you all! I’m happy again!



In the lands of changing flags , do the sky ever change ?

(Louis Aragon)


Cloudless and bright was the sky , as my heart was shadowless.

(Knut Hamsun)


There’s no one who doesn’t think himself beautiful under the sky .

(Charles Perrault)


Thunder is magnificent but the lightning is the essential part.

(Mark Twain)


To smell the scent of the soil , do we have to upset the sky?


If the stars were people , the sky wouldn’t be enough for them to live.

(Cengiz Aytmatov)


The only reflection on the lake of the sadness is one bright cloud on a picture of the sky.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)


To become the teacher of the earth, one should be the student of the sky.

(Aliya İzzetbegoviç)


One doesn’t have to wander around the world to know the sky is blue everywhere else.



For gaining freedom, one doesn’t have to purchase the sky, it’s enough for him not to sell his soul.

(Nelson Mandela)


The sky was getting gradually full of stars which were appearing and then vanishing between the two street lights.

(Albert Camus)


Under such a beautiful sky , how could it be possible for bad , grumpy and distrustful people to live though?



Mom always said that one couldn’t be totally unhappy. I thought she was quite right when the brand new daylight leaked into my room with all its colorful sky.

(Albert Camus)


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